​​​​Igides Swing Bar

Welcome to the Igides Swing Bar Lesson. After you've made your bar you'll need to be sure before you practice the key positions that you are either a Simple Rotation Thrower or a Dynamic Rotation Thrower. The positions on your downswing are totally different between the two types and you have to make sure you're practicing your throwing type. Not sure what throwing rotation you have or are ... check out here for some examples to help you decide. Still unsure ? .. please consider booking a video lesson with me on Mobicoach to be sure.

The Simple Rotation Key Positions are listed first and the Dynamic Key positions are below that

How to Make Your Swing Bar 

Here's a quick picture of me wearing my new Swing Bar. Its really effective at teaching you to turn and rotate especially when you're holding a golf club . You can make one easily using a 3/4" Dowel that's 3 feet long that you can pick up at Home Depot or Lowes etc for about 2 bucks or less. The bandaging you see is common athletic bandaging which you may already have around the house or can easily pick up at Walmart or your nearest Dollar store for a few more dollars.

Simple Rotation with Your Swing Bar and Swing Window - Position Check Points

Simple Rotation Swing Bar Practice Video

Dynamic Rotation with Your Swing Bar and Swing Window - Position Check Points

Dynamic Rotation Swing Bar Practice Video

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