Larry and Monica’s punching bag drill

Just Throw It! Punching Bag Drills

Hey gang .. just created this training idea although its been something I’ve been noodling on for quite some time … an easy way to practice and teach correct arm action in the golf swing / throw. It’s also a fantastic way to practice correct hip rotation while staying in posture without lifting up. ( the number one reason why golfers top or hit shots thin) 

And a method that’s inexpensive , handy to do indoors, and of course really effective.. Check out the video below and let me know if you have any questions ? .. thx 

P.S.  The electronics store name that I couldn’t remember in the video is Factory Direct. I bought it there for $17 ( ) but if you can’t find it there they are also available on although a little more costly ($50)

Even if you had to pay $50 ( a dozen golf balls now a days) it will greatly improve your game over the winter.  

 Get to work! 😉