New Front June 26

Golf Instruction Is Broken #@% !

Really …

The golf swing is waaayyy simpler than the way you’re being shown or taught by 95% of the golf instruction and golf teachers out there right now whether that’s on YouTube or in person lessons … 

When I can take an absolute beginning golfer and have them swinging or throwing their driver and hitting pretty effortless shots one handed in their first lesson why are you making your effort to learn a good golf swing more complicated than that?

Now it’s not like new students to the school are hitting 300-yard bombs right away but what they do experience is an almost effortless child like way of thinking about the golf swing motion as a throw and an easy game to play like we’re 10 years old again

Can you think about your golf game like you’re 10 again?

It’s a serious question   I often joke with students that we may both have university degrees but I promise you I’m NOT using it to work on my swing or play golf!

At the Just Throw It School we work hard at helping you find your natural athletic childlike throwing motion and help you learn it way faster than traditional instruction by using a number of diy training aids you can easily inexpensively make and practice with “behind the scenes” at home perhaps while your barbequing chicken or a burger or on a zoom call at the office ;)The more correct repetitions of the right move you make the quicker your body will learn your natural throwing motion without you having to be dependent on ANY golf pro.

  • You’ll find easy new ways to think about feeling a weight shift in your swing
  • You’ll find new easy ways to help you get rid of your slice if that’s something you’re battling
  • You’ll find a completely new way of controlling your posture so you stop hitting shots thin or coming out of your shot / throw
  • You’ll find simple no bs answers to all of your swing issues … I promise

I challenge you to find your “10 year old self “and come and see just how simple your golf swing can be!

Remember … Just Throw It!

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