​​​​Swing Popper

The Swing Popper might be the simplest training aid I've ever created but it's easily one of the most effective at teaching you the feel of three (3) separate areas in your swing. First, its great at helping you feel a full and complete backswing . Second, its great at helping you feel how to release your club and create maximum lag in your swing . And third, it helps in feeling what a full and complete finish to your swing is. There are several training aids I can think of that cost over $150 - $250 US available to teach you this. This will teach you for $5! ( or less if you already have a used roll of Duck Tape and a Pool noodle 😉  Have a look at the training video below and make yourself one. (please!) 

Swing Popper Construction 

Total Weight of the Swing Popper ( with anchor tape) is 76 grams ( Tape 71 g and Noodle 5g) 

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